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Electrosurgical unit

Product Code : EL-HE-10870

General Description
Electrosurgical unit, for general surgery including a trolley.

Intended Use :-
Electrosurgical units are used for surgical cutting and for controlling bleeding by causing coagulation (haemostasis) at the surgical site. 
The haemostatic effect of electrosurgery makes it useful for procedures on organs with oozing capillary beds, such as the liver, spleen, thyroid, and lungs, as well as for open-heart procedures in which large amounts of anticoagulants are used.
They deliver high-frequency electrical current through an active electrode tip, causing vaporization, desiccation, or charring by resistive heating in the target tissue. 
Electrosurgery is useful for nearly all surgical procedures, both open and laparoscopic. 

Technical Specifications :-
Solid-state/microprocessor-controlled frequency generator.
Monopolar and bipolar outputs, electrically isolated from ground.
Minimum output frequency is higher than 400kHz.
Automatic shut off/generator deactivation on grounding pad/return electrode connection failure.
Audible and visual indicators of activation and alarms.
Self-test mode.
Hand switch mode when button-activated probes are connected.
Foot switch that can operate in monopolar and bipolar modes.
Yellow buttons/pedals for cut and blue buttons/pedals for coagulate.
Monopolar modes include pure cut, blend, and coagulate (soft, contact and spray).
Bipolar mode includes coagulate and cut mode.
Maximum monopolar cut power output maximum 300 W.
Maximum monopolar coagulation power output maximum 100 W.
Maximum bipolar power output maximum 100 W.
Grounding pad/return electrode monitored for patient connection.
Front panel allows mode selection, power settings and on/off.
Display shows output power, system errors and electrode failure.
Protection against defibrillator discharges.
Power requirements: 100 - 240 Volts - 50/60 Hz (indicate exact requirements at the time of ordering).

Supplied with :-
Instructions for assembly, use and maintenance in English.
1 x Set different monopolar reusable electrodes (needle, blade, ball, and loop).
1 x Plastic protective dustcover.
1 x Foot switch, two pedals, yellow and blue, with connecting cable.
1 x Trolley on 4 antistatic swivel castors, 2 with brakes, fit with a drawer and storage for foot pedal/switch.
2 x Monopolar electrode handle, reusable, finger switch controlled, with connecting cable.
2 x Grounding pad/return electrodes, reusable, with 3m connecting cable (adult & child).
2 x Monopolar electrode handle, reusable, foot switch controlled, with connecting cable.
2 x Bipolar forceps, reusable, foot switch controlled, with connecting cable (short, straight, tip-angled).
2 x Bipolar forceps, reusable, foot switch controlled, with connecting cable (long, straight, tip-angled).


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