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Surgical light, LED, mobile,

Product Code : EL-HE-10874

General Description
Mobile surgical light, LED, with articulating arm and back up battery.

Intended Use :-
They are also intended to operate for extended periods of time without radiating excessive heat, which could cause discomfort or dry tissues at the surgical site.
Surgical lights illuminate the surgical site for optimal visualization of small, low-contrast objects at varying depths in incisions and body cavities. 
Because hands, heads, and instruments can intrude over the surgical field, these lights are designed to reduce shadows and minimize colour distortion. 

Technical Specifications :-
Single light head with LED lights in cluster.
Adjustable field of view including at least 0.17 - 0.30m range (depending on the model supplied).
Focal length of at least 0.7 m.
A minimum of two (2) castors are equipped with brakes.
Heavy base with low centre of gravity, indicate weight of base relative to total device weight.
Power requirements : 100 - 240 Volts - 50/60 Hz.
Maximum illumination of at least 120,000 lux at 1 m.
Colour temperature between 3000°K and 5000°K.
Minimum LED life of 50,000 hours.
Minimum of 100° horizontal turning.
Colour rendering index (CRI) of 95.
Sterilizable and removable light handle for positioning.
Articulating arm between light and base stand.
Base with at least four (4) anti-static swivel castors in a star formation.
Floor to light height adjustable to include at least range of 1.1 m to 2.12 m.
On/off switch, battery status indicator (depending on model) and controls to adjust light intensity.
Dimming function with a minimum of 5 settings or fully adjustable.
Built in backup rechargeable battery with minimum 3 hours of battery life, battery type lead-acid.
Automatic switch from mains to batteries in case of power failure.


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