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Scanner,ultrasound, mobile, with accessories

Product Code : EL-MDE-10909

General Description
General purpose, portable ultrasound scanner, with obstetrics package and probes.

Technical Specifications :-
General purpose ultrasound scanner, with obstetrics package and probes.
System includes scanner and printer mounted on a trolley.
The system supports B mode and M mode.
The unit includes : one (1) convex array probe, 2.5-5 MHz and one (1) endovaginal probe, 5.5-7.5 MHz.
The unit supports user programmable exams (exam pre-sets).
An obstetrics analysis package is included which provides for foetal weight and anatomy, gestational age and foetal growth calculations.
The unit comes standard with packages for : abdomen, gynaecology/obstetrics, cardiology and small parts.
Depending on the model supplied Pulsed Wave Doppler (back/white), is included in the unit.
Power requirements : 100 - 240 Volts - 50/60 Hz (not necessarily in a single unit).

Intended Use :-
Portable ultrasonic scanning systems are used in physician offices, radiology departments, cardiology departments, emergency departments, critical care units and by mobile imaging service providers. 
They can also have important applications in disaster triage and mass casualty incidents. 
The main benefit of point of care ultrasounds units is that it allows physicians to quickly determine whether an abnormality is present so they can make appropriate patient management decisions.

Image Display :-
Digital callipers.
Cine loop.
A minimum of 4 x zoom.
256 levels of greyscale.
A freeze function.
Capable of lateral and vertical inversion in B mode.
Capable of displaying B+M modes simultaneously.
Capable of displaying 2B and 4B modes.
Full screen annotation, for real-time and frozen images.

Components :-
Time gain control (TGC).
Tissue harmonic imaging.
Optional B-mode optimization.
The unit has a range of pre- and post-processing fetures to enhance images and automated image optimization.
A black and white display with a minimum of 25 cm (9.7 inch) diagonally.
Equipped with an alphanumeric keyboard and a trackball.
Two probe ports can be connected simultaneously, machine selectable from interface.

Data Storage and Communications :-
Internal hard drive for limited data storage.
Supported communication protocols : USB, S-video, VGA, and depending on the model: RS 232 or ethernet).

Printer :-
A digital printer is included with the unit.
Data connection to ultrasound.
support 256 greyscale.
325 dpi resolution at a minimum.
Includes printer head cleaning kit.

Cart/Trolley :-
Includes at least two side probe holders.
Side handle(s) for transport and positioning.
Surface space for scanner and keyboard.
Storage space (shelf) for printer.
Four anti-static braking swivel castors, at least 10 cm high.


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